Black Tie Summer Ball - Shire Property Summit
30 June 2022

2022 Summer Ball

Thank you to all who attended the Shire Property Summer Ball. A huge thank you to our photographer for the evening Toby Nima, who took over 300 photos.
Abolishment of S21
01 September 2019

Abolishment of S21

The Government are currently seeking consultation on their decision to remove section 21 notices from the eviction process and this has created waves of panic across the industry.
Private rented sector facts
24 July 2019

Private rented sector facts

The English Housing Survey was released this month and provides some very interesting and contradictory facts, if you are to believe recent press reports.
Tenant wont leave? Ancient law may help landlords claim double rent.
12 April 2019

Tenant wont leave?

It has happened to the best of us, our tenant gives notice then at the last moment changes their mind and they will be staying.

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