Do police lack knowledge when it comes to illegal eviction?

This Property118 investigation highlights how anti-social behaviour has caused problems for both tenants and landlords.

On the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, housing campaigners voiced their concerns that the police don’t understand the law protecting tenants from harassment and illegal eviction.

HMO Property Deal of the Year

In 2010, Manni Chopra took a sabbatical to pursue a career in property. She set up her own business, Chopra Property Group, which has now acquired property worth more than £5 million in London and the South East.

Manni has now won the HMO Property Deal of the Year (six rooms or less) award for the Property Investor Awards.

Landlord Sales Agency pays to refurb properties for Landlord so she gets extra £200K selling portfolio

It’s a tough time for landlords with interest rates rising by a further 0.25% to a post credit crisis high of 4.25%. For many of us, we’ve held out as long as we can, but a large percentage of us have decided that selling up might be the best solution.

Leaseholder protection deed – can a new buyer have it?

Hello, My daughter’s flat is blighted by the fire safety issues arising from the Grenfell tragedy, hence she wants to get a “Leaseholder protection deed of Certificate”, which provides capped protection from payment of remediation costs, and wishes to use this to help her sell the property in the coming one or two years.

EPC proposed upgrades cost limit?

Hello, If the new £10,000 limit proposed upgrade to a band C before the deadline goes ahead, I was wondering whether this cost limit would be allowed to be spread over a couple of years rather than all in one go at £10,000.

Damp and mould – why blame landlords?

Hi all, Is it only me getting a bit sick of getting the blame for damp and mould in Victorian terraced properties, especially the solid stone walled type? Cold walls = condensation = eventually mould.

When I inspect adjacent windows

House prices fall at their fastest rate in 14 years

House prices in the UK have fallen at their fastest rate since July 2009, a major house price index reveals.

The data from Nationwide shows that prices are down 3.1% compared with March last year –

Life insurance, what types are they and what do they do?

You may be surprised to know that life insurance isn’t always about death. There are several different types of insurance, they all do different things and are made to cover certain aspects of finance.

If it’s not for leaving millions of pounds behind

The UK’s best and worst rental yield spots revealed

Research that could help landlords and potential property investors alike has been published that highlights the best and worst rental yield spots in the UK.

According to Track Capital it has never been more important for investors to weigh up the facts before choosing an area that is right for investment.

Do I need a bathroom extractor?

Hello, I have a flat in a listed building with an existing window in the bathroom which is suitably sized. IF it is opened as needed there would be no need for an extractor.

Two previous tenants lived here

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