Seeking help – Debt owed for repairs?

A former tenant owes me £2,222 for repairs to the house. It’s a bit of a story – they moved out in December 2021. I would definitely like to get a CCJ and if necessary, take steps to go for an Attachment of Earnings.

Can they build another 2 storeys on top of my block?

Hi everyone, I own a top floor flat in a 3 storey flat roof 1960’s Block and the new freeholders have sent us all a letter saying they intend to build a further two storeys of flats on top of the building.

Listed Building work conversion of Grade 2 listed use class E to Takeaway?

Permitted Development PD and listed building conversion work. Linda Wright and Andrew Roberts are back answering Planning Permission questions and Gorilla investor poses some great ones today.

Today we seek to answer the following questions.

1) Can you use permitted development to undertake a commercial conversion on a listed building?

Transfer of equity with partner not spouse and SDLT?

I own a BTL property in my sole name and intend to transfer the title into joint names with my partner and transfer a small percentage of equity (10-15%). We are not married so it’s not a transfer between spouses.

Lease Extension – Tax Implications?

Hi everyone, In 1999 we purchased a one bedroomed leasehold flat. Several years later we extended the lease at some considerable cost.

We recently sold the flat and now have to calculate the CGT owing.

My question is the cost of extending the lease claimable as an allowable expense against CGT?

Another Two-Faced Landlord-bashing Council outed for keeping their own tenants in deadly properties

The living conditions in a couple of council flats in a tower block off Regina Road in South Norwood, Croydon have been condemned as “dangerous squalor” and “appalling” in a devastating television news report: Click here.

The London Borough of Croydon ranks equal 13th in our league of the councils that are most aggressive to landlords with enforcement and fines.

CGT on selling a share of my Buy to Let?

I need to raise some finance shortly and one of the options I am looking into is to sell 2/3rds and retain 1/3rd of a freehold BTL property I’ve had for 20 years.

Going forward the house will remain tenanted and we will split the rent 3 equal ways

Letting agent didn’t serve prescribed information for deposit protection?

Hi everyone, My letting agent didn’t serve the tenants the prescribed information for their deposit protection. This was for a number of properties of mine.

I am obviously now in the process of de-instructing them.

But what can I do to make all existing tenancies compliant?

Can I index link rents into my tenancy agreements?

Hi all, I have just been talking to a fellow landlord and in the discussion, the question and idea came up can we index link the rent into an AST contract?

The next question is if this indexing clause was possible in the contract would you still have to serve a rent increase notice to the tenant and what would be the best option to link it to eg.

‘Rent To Rent’ Millionaires In The UK

In my 30+ years of investing into UK rental property I have had the pleasure to have connected with 1,000’s of people who have made their millions by doing the same things as me.

I’ve also met more than a handful of people who have made their fortune as a result of teaching newbies their ‘Rent To Rent‘

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