What is a guarantor’s suitability and need?

Hello everyone, I am being told, I think, some unusual things about the need for guarantors by a large national agency.

First of all they said there was no need for a guarantor if the tenant met the 2.5 times criteria and refs and the credit history were ok.

Demand for 18 years of council tax – but tenant has already paid

Hello everyone, We have a rented property which we have rented to the same tenant since 2003, a verbal tenancy of 6 months minimum then periodic.

The council sent us a demand in December last year for 18 years worth of council tax including uplift for an empty property

Shadow Housing Minister backs NRLA calls on Rent Smart Wales

The Welsh Shadow Minister for Housing, Janet Finch-Saunders, has backed the NRLA’s calls to improve Rent Smart Wales (RSW) for landlords and tenants.

The MS for Aberconwy agrees with the NRLA that Rent Smart Wales should:

  • Publish annual performance statistics that help give a clearer picture of how it is performing and inform policy-making more widely
  • Establish a new board compromising of figures from across the sector

4 Obstacles Buy To Let Landlords Face When They Incorporate

Incorporation of your Buy To Let Properties has its obstacles.

In this video, Alex Norian from Property118 and I will tell you the 4 obstacles Buy To Let Landlords face when they incorporate and how to tackle them.

Media Support for Landlords?

Ben Beadle of the NRLA has managed to have a much-needed article in support of the PRS published in the Telegraph on Monday 8th August.

I don`t know how he managed it but with any luck

How do I identifying a freehold owner?

Hello everyone, How do I identify the freehold owner of a 999-year leasehold, 2 bed terraced property?

I would like to buy the freehold.

Also, is it possible to get a ground rent of £1.60 per year to be removed from a leasehold property if it is not being collected?

Do I need consent to let from the Freeholder?

Hello, Do I need consent to let from the Freeholder when I am planning to get a potential tenant on an AST?

According to the Section X of the lease document: “To sublet the whole or any part of the Premises save that an underletting of the whole of the Premises with the prior written consent of the Landlord (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) is permitted in the case of an assured shorthold tenancy agreement or such other instrument whereby security of tenure by the under-tenant is not created.”

Refund for damages out of tenant’s deposit

Hello everyone, Based on the level of damage at the end of a tenancy, the tenant agreed to refund me £550 out of his £750 deposit, which was paid to me by the letting agency.

Then the agency submitted a claim for the remaining £200 to DPS on my behalf.

Help with independent subsidence claim needed

Hello, Can anyone suggest where I can find a genuinely independent firm to oppose/fight disinterested insurers for a subsidence claim?

There are dozens of biased loss adjusters etc who are paid well by insurers, and civil engineers are not really what’s needed to take on insurers.

Are student HMO rentals in decline?

Hello everyone, My 4 bed Victorian terrace in Leicester, a big university city, has been rented to students for 7 years through an agency.

Last year was a struggle to rent and there have been no viewings for the next academic year starting in September.

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